Nerd Alert: Dueling Lightsaber iPhone Apps Inbound

This might be the most exciting news I’ve heard all day. ME is reporting that THQ Wireless will be releasing a new Bluetooth-enabled Lightsaber app for the iPhone next month. Now you can totally nerd out with your friends and duel at the office or in the bar with your faux lightsabers. Said app will include 11 new characters from the …

Amazon Pushes Kindle For Mac

Mac users can now download Amazon’s Kindle software, which will synchronize books between an actual Kindle, compatible mobile devices (currently iPhone/iPod touch and BlackBerry), and the desktop client.

Like the PC version, you’ll only be able to access your books—no magazines, newspapers, or blogs can be read on anything except

My Mom’s On Facebook, The Music Video

Made for anyone whose shameless Web presence was cut short due to family members infiltrating social media, this video has been gaining viral-levels of attention this week. On the surface, it pokes fun at the ‘clueless’ appearance of older family members’ attempts at navigating social media, when it’s actually proving that maybe it’s the …

The Daily Dose

Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2010

Today in Techland: It’s Talk Like An Irishman Day here in Techland (so basically, it’s Wednesday) plus it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Man, oh man. To celebrate, we’re bringing you the typical holiday-themed blog posts: St. Patrick’s Day Kit for drying your soaked cell, the history of Lep lore and my unexplained love …

The Leprechaun Film Franchise, An Appreciation

Oh, B-movies. What would sick days (or Syfy, for that matter) be without you?

St. Patty’s Day celebrations are all well and good, but give me some suspicious-looking green foods, throw in a little Warwick Davis and I’m a happy girl. Unfamiliar? Trust me, you’ve seen him. Davis played Wicket, the Ewok who helps Princess Leia in Return

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