Wait. What? Nexus One Coming to Sprint

Surprise! Sprint just announced that the Nexus One will be coming soon. No word on price or exact launch date.

Now that the Nexus One will be available on all major carriers in the US, are you going to buy one?

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Mar 17, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nexus One, the first wireless phone sold through Google(TM)’s

Cryptids: Leprechauns

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. What better strange and mysterious creature to examine from a cryptozoological standpoint than the leprechaun?

Modern-day depictions of the leprechaun—little bearded men with pots of gold filled by paychecks from television appearances hocking sugary children’s cereal—can be seen as “little more …

St. Patty’s Day Survival Kit

Imagine for a second that I’m reading this post to you aloud in an Irish accent. Or you could read this aloud in an Irish accent.

And so we begin.

I’m not sure what the actual statistic is for cell phones being dropped into the toilet but I know it’s pretty high. So on this Hallmark Holiday of drinking, I present to you a St. …

LOST S06E08 E-mail Chain: Well, This Stinks

Guys, I’m worried Peter has really fallen off the bandwagon.

This is how it starts, right? First, you’re skipping two episodes of the final season of LOST and next thing you know, you’re watching Jersey Shore reruns in your underwear and stealing from your mom’s bingo fund to buy issues of People. I think it’s time for an …

Exclusive Preview: Spider-Man: Fever #2

One of the coolest-looking superhero projects of this spring is Spider-Man: Fever, a three-issue miniseries written and drawn by Brendan McCarthy, the psychedelic mastermind behind Swimini Purpose and Rogan Gosh. It’s a tribute to Steve Ditko’s ’60s-era Day-Glo weirdness, co-starring another one of Ditko’s visual creations, Dr. Strange. …

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