kindle fire

Let the Kindle Phone Rumors Begin!

Now that Amazon’s in the tablet business with the Kindle Fire, the rumor mill is starting to make noise about a Kindle Phone to follow.

In a research note, CitiGroup’s Mark Mahaney says “we believe an Amazon Smartphone will be …

Amazon Releases New Kindles Early

To everyone who’s been waiting patiently for their new Amazon Kindles to arrive, here’s some good news: The company is shipping them out early, it announced today, with Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G orders being filled six …

Amazon Strikes Deal to Carry PBS Programming

Good news, Neil deGrasse Tyson fans: Your favorite astrophysicist and company will soon be coming to Amazon. The company announced today that it has struck a deal with PBS Distribution to bring more than 1,000 episodes of PBS shows such as NOVA, Antique Roadshow and Frontline to its Amazon Prime service.

Yes, you’ll also get the …

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