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App Club Giveaway: Pigeon Squadron for iPhone

Man, the avian species needs anger management classes. First we get the titular subjects of Angry Birds launching themselves at those durn pigs. Now, I-Play’s Pigeon Squadron takes feathery airborne aggression out on humans.

[vodpod id=Video.4623926&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

We’ve got five codes to give away for …

App Club Contest: Win First-Person Shooter Archetype for iOS

Some video game genres fit pretty easily onto Apple’s iDevices. Platformers do extremely well, as do strategy games and turn-based RPGs. First-person shooters have been a mixed bag so far, though, and getting decent multiplayer FPS action on an iDevice has been an exercise in frustration.

That said, I’ve been playing a bit with …

App Club Contest: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars month rolls on and this week we’re challenging you to a duel. We’ll be doling out codes for THQ Wireless’ The Force Unleashed for iPhone. For a chance to win a gaggle of 3 3/4 –inch Clone Wars and Galactic Heroes figures. Don’t forget that the big prize for the reader with the highest overall score is a Boba Fett …

App Club Contest: Star Wars: Cantina

It’s true, the month of August is Star Wars month at Techland and to kick things off, we’re bringing back the App Club. We’re taking a look at Star Wars: Cantina this week followed by Star Wars: Battle for Hoth, The Force Unleashed and then Trench Run.

The game is simple and if you’ve played Diner Dash or some variant then …

App Club: How’s Your DexIQ?

Since Lev is out for the next two weeks on book leave, I’ve taken it upon myself to keep App Club going. Is that okay with everyone?

This week’s installment comes from the twisted mind of American McGee, you know, the guy behind American McGee’s Alice and its upcoming sequel among many others. Anyway, McGee’s Spicy Horse has spawned a …

App Club: N.O.V.A. Halo Goodbye.

Look, it’s not like I could make a better shooter for the iPhone. And it’s not like I couldn’t imagine someone else really loving N.O.V.A. It’s just that that person isn’t me.

I feel strangely protective of N.O.V.A. Like the drawings my daughter makes, which you want to praise except you can’t tell what they are.

I mean, it really …

App Club: Earth Vs. Moon

Christmastime is here. It may not surprise you to know that your correspondent isn’t a great lover of the holiday season. As I write this I’m listening to MC Kreacher’s “My Wish List.” It soothes my black grinchy heart.

Casual gaming has gotten me through many a grim holiday season. Snood in particular — well do I remember hours …

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