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App of the Week: MarkdownMail

If you’ve been looking for a simple way to send HTML e-mail from your iPhone, MarkdownMail ($1.99) may be the answer. The application makes use of a simplified coding syntax developed by John Gruber known as Markdown, which it leverages to quickly create things like hyperlinks, bolded words, italicized words, bulleted lists, headings, …

App of the Week: Nike+ GPS

Nike’s Nike+ GPS will finally let you untie that monitoring device from your shoe and run free with your iPhone or iPod Touch, the way nature never intended.

The Nike+ App tracks your distance, speed and route with the help of the iPhone’s GPS. (If you get the app for iPod Touch, you won’t have the mapping function.) You can brag …

App of the Week: CardStar

You might not consider yourself a coupon-clipper but let me ask you something – do you hate saving money? Didn’t think so.

Verizon recently invested $400,000 in mobile start-up CardStar, a sign that wireless carriers have taken notice that commerce is going mobile. The CardStar app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms …

App of the Week: AT&T U-Verse

This week’s app is admittedly limited in scope but for those of you living in one of 22 states where AT&T offers U-verse TV service, the U-verse app is perfect for any TV junkie with an iPhone or BlackBerry Torch.

The free app allows you to peruse your U-verse TV programming guide, as well as scheduling and managing your DVR. So …

App of the Week: Thumbplay

Leave Pandora to the Na’vi, Thumbplay is the definitive cloud-based music service for both desktop and mobile devices with unlimited, on-demand access to over nine million tracks. Import your existing iTunes playlists and wirelessly sync between your smartphone (Android, BlackBerry and iPhone) and computer (PC and Mac). Tap into your …

App Of The Week: SeizeTheDay

Billed as “a simple and easy to use task manager that helps you organize and stay on top of your busy life,” the free iPhone app SeizeTheDay mostly delivers on its promises.

It joins a long list of task managers and to-do lists but succeeds in carving a nice niche for itself by offering an easy to use and polished interface, all for …

App Of The Week: MapHook

Editor’s Note: Today, we’re rolling out the first of our App Of The Week series, where we’ll take a look at a new app (iPhone, Android, iPad or otherwise) and bring you comprehensive reviews on the latest and greatest in the app world. If you’ve got a suggestion, please feel free to email us at

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