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Apple Rep Thinks iPad 2 Stock Plentiful ‘Within a Couple Weeks’

If you’ve been feverishly searching for an iPad 2 without any success, things might get better in the next couple of weeks. I was in a Boston-area Apple store yesterday and, as is my custom, decided to ask one of the employees if they had any iPad 2s in stock.

He, like so many before him, looked at me as if I had three heads before …

Best Buy Hoarding iPad 2 Stock?

Sure is hard getting an iPad 2 lately (unless you’re in kindergarten).

Despite the latest and greatest Apple tablet’s availability at just about any retail store that’ll sell it, consumers have had a hard time actually purchasing one—especially the $500 model.

Word broke out last night that Best Buy may have been artificially …

Rumor: iOS 5 May Finally Bring Extensive Voice Commands

A long-overdue overhaul to Apple’s iPhone voice commands may arrive with the next version of iOS, at least according to the rumor mill.

Nearly two years have passed since Apple introduced voice commands for the iPhone, allowing users to place calls and play music by holding the iPhone’s home button and speaking. But next to Android’s …

Apple’s Music Locker: Nearly Here?

A music industry veteran claims that Apple is pushing hard to launch a digital music locker service in April. This service would allow iTunes users to store their music online and access it from any compatible device.

The report comes from Wayne Rosso, the former president of Grokster and record label consultant. Citing anonymous …

Apple AirPlay in Your TV? Rumor Has It.

Apple’s modest foray into the living room could get a lot more serious if the company expands its AirPlay service to televisions.

Currently, AirPlay only supports streaming audio for third-party devices. This allows users to play their iTunes libraries through stereo systems from partnering companies, such as Bowers & Wilkins and …

iPhone 5? Pretty Much the iPhone 4

What’s in a leaked iPhone 5 case? Mostly an iPhone 4, if the scuttlebutt’s true.

Consider this a rumor wrapped in a screenshot (see above) tucked inside a rather boring-looking (if colorific) iPhone hard case, but it sounds like Apple’s putative iPhone update this year may arrive sans the sort of speculative redesign bells and …

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