apple rumors

The Next iPhone: 4-inch Screen? Keyboard? Time Travel?

I’ll be honest: Rumors of an iPhone that’s capable of facilitating time travel haven’t surfaced… yet. But there’s some new scuttlebutt regarding larger-screen versions and an apparent prototype with a slide-out keyboard.

The rumors pertain to the iPhone 5, which is widely expected to be announced in June during Apple’s …

Whispers of a No-Contract, Carrier-Jumping iPhone

Apple may be targeting the lower end of the cell phone market, reports Bloomberg, citing unidentified “people who have been briefed on the plans.”

Apple is apparently working on a smaller version of the iPhone that uses older components and has no “Home” button. It’s roughly two-thirds the size of a regular iPhone and would supposedly …

Next iPad Already in Production?

The mysterious clan of “people familiar with the matter” have told the Wall Street Journal that the next version of the iPad is being built. These people move around only at night, using darkness as their cover. Their identities are unknown to the public but it’s likely that they sleep in king-size beds and use linen napkins even when …

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