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Kindle Fire Getting Netflix, Facebook and More at Launch

Amazon is flexing the Kindle Fire’s app muscle ahead of next week’s launch, promising apps for Netflix, Facebook and Twitter, and plenty of games to boot.

Apps are the biggest advantage the Kindle Fire has over Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet. Although the two tablets have similar specs and similar prices (the Nook Tablet is $50 more …

Apple’s GarageBand Gets a Gig on the iPhone

You’re walking out of the grocery store when the idea hits you: The Greatest Song of All Time. All the elements are in your head–drums, bass, guitar, vocals–and ready to be recorded into reality. But alas, you don’t have your iPad, so you don’t have GarageBand! And by the time you get home, the idea is gone.

That’ll never happen …

On Boggle App, ‘Queer’ Is a Bad Word

When I first downloaded the Boggle app, I was agog over all the unfamiliar words — AAL, AIS, ANE, etc. — the game showed me I could have found in the 16-letter jumbles. But a few hundred rounds later (yes, I’m obsessed), I’m more interested in the words the good people at Hasbro won’t let me play.

FART and CRAP are off …

Android Apps to Overtake Apple in June 2012?

Apple may still be the undisputed king of the app stores, but new research suggests that its reign may have less than a year left, barring any surprising developments (and, no, the iPhone 4S doesn’t count as a surprising development).

Currently, according to research from Xyologic, monthly Apple app downloads in the U.S. are nearly …

How to Share a Family Shopping List by Keeping It in the Cloud

If you live with other people, you know the problem: On Wednesday you notice that you’re out of milk, but you’ve forgotten about that by the time your spouse goes shopping on Friday. Or you write a note on that pad on the fridge, but your handwriting is illegible. Or what if the two of you go shopping at different stores and both buy …

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