Comic-Con Diary, Day 1: Fear and Branding in San Diego

Dateline: San Diego! Where every year countless hordes of “Trekkies” and “cosplayers” and other freaky “pocket protector” types descend on the convention center for what “some” have called “nerd Woodstock”…

OK. Now that’s taken care of.

The first thing you notice when you get close to Comic-Con is the creeping …

San Diego Comic-Con, Day Zero: Has the Nerd Bubble Burst?

When you’re a professional, when you’re going there for work, the sad truth is that you do not go to Comic-Con with a feeling of joy in your heart. You go with a weary sense of inevitability.

You’re not complaining, God knows! But Comic-Con is too big and sweaty and busy to really enjoy. And when you’re working — when you’re covering …

Daily Dose

Thursday, October 28, 2010 –

Quote To Live By:

“That television… it bewitched me,” – Galvatron from The Transformers

Up Front:

Will this be Pass-oween for San Diego Comic-Con? [The Beat]


From Touchpad to Thought-Pad? Digital Images May Be Able To Be Manipulated With The Mind [EurekAlert]
There is Hope for William Hung! …

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