Galaxy Tab

Samsung to Round Out ‘Galaxy’ Series with 9-inch Tablet?

If you look at Samsung’s line of “Galaxy” devices, you’ll notice that the company has just about every screen size covered. There are several 4-inch phones, a 4-inch iPod Touch-like media player, 4.3- and 4.5-inch 4G handsets, a 5-inch Wi-Fi tablet, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab Android tablet and the upcoming 10-inch Galaxy Tab 10.1 …

Will Samsung Sell 330 Million Handsets in 2011?

A unnamed Samsung official said that they hope to move 330 million handsets next year, an 18 percent increase from 2010, according to Reuters. It’s a bold number to state, especially because Samsung only sold 195 million units by the end of the third quarter of 2010. They’re expected to close out the year with a solid 280 million, and …

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review: Best 7-inch Tablet, But It’s Pricey

Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab Android tablet is not an iPad killer. Nothing needs to die, as far as gadgets are concerned, and the iPad and Galaxy Tab aren’t really even in the same category.

The Galaxy Tab is a very portable tablet, which is one of its selling points over the iPad. If you’re dead set on having it with you at all …

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