New Gmail Accidentally Revealed in Video

It looks like Gmail is getting a makeover. The brand-new version of Google’s popular, free email service features plenty of user-friendly upgrades: a cleaner design, improved search functions, high-resolution themes and more.

All of this was revealed in a new video that wasn’t meant to be seen yet. Google produced a slick presentation …

Ask Techland: How Can I Clear Up Space in Gmail?

Have a question? Send it to tips at techland dot com!

Question from Steve: My Gmail inbox is almost full. What’s the best way to free up some space?


Ah yes, the Gmail promise: Never having to delete an e-mail. Everything is archived, and since people are given a (relatively) insane amount of storage space, we’d never …

Google ‘Email Intervention’: Make Your Luddite Friends Feel Bad

Now why in the world would Google spend time putting together a marketing campaign in the hopes of getting Gmail users to recruit non-Gmail users? The wildly popular service doesn’t really need advertising. Hmmm.

Perhaps it’s because when you sign up for a Gmail account, you actually open a Google account that can be used for the …

Google Is Adding New Inbox Sorting Styles to Gmail

If you can’t get enough of Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature, or if you’ve got an OCD-like predisposition to managing your inbox, rejoice. Google is adding several additional inboxes to Gmail. Staving off boredom by organizing your e-mail while your girlfriend tunes into Grey’s Anatomy? Yeah, I know.

The changes won’t be …

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