Take a Gander at Gmail’s New Makeover

Google’s gone America’s Next Top Model and given Gmail a new makeover. The only difference? There will be no stick-thin girls crying about their new hair bob.

Gmail won’t be the only Google service getting a redesign: it’s also slated to hit Google Calendar as well. It is all part of a “Google-wide effort” to focus all of …

Father’s Day Gmail Reminder Sparks Backlash: Three Lessons for Google

Google learned some harsh lessons on Father’s Day when it reminded Gmail users to “Call dad.” Despite good intentions, the reminder triggered a backlash among users with deceased, abusive or otherwise forgotten fathers.

The message appeared in the chat section of Gmail, and could only be removed by disabling outbound calls from the …

Copy/Paste: How to Add Images to Your Gmail Messages Quickly

Google loves me. And other Google Chrome users.

If you happen to use Google’s Chrome web browser, Google has added the ability to copy and paste images straight into a Gmail message. Last year, they added the ability to drag and drop attachments and images straight into your e-mail. This takes it a step further. They want to make …

Yahoo, Hotmail Also Targets of Gmail-Style Hack Attacks

It looks like Google Gmail wasn’t the only online service pummeled in recent hack attacks: It turns out Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail were, too.

That, and while the targeted attacks—technically dubbed “spear phishing” attempts—were carried out independently, the methods were eerily similar to those employed against Google, says security

China Denies Gmail Hack, Claims It’s a ‘Victim’ Too

China’s response to Google’s accusation that Chinese hackers broke into Gmail, the company’s free online email service, and absconded with the login details of hundreds of senior U.S. and Asian government officials, military personnel, journalists and Chinese political activists?

We didn’t do it, and your “unacceptable” attempt to …

Would You Pay $20 Per Month for Google’s Web-Only Laptop?

I actually like the idea of this—hear me out! Hear me out.

Google’s experimental Cr-48 laptop runs the company’s web-only “Chrome” operating system. It features instant-on startup, long battery life, and 100 megabytes of free Verizon cellular data usage each month. These are all nice things, to be sure, but you can’t just install …

Gmail Now Helps Eliminate Sending Emails to the Wrong Person

Starting yesterday, another one of Gmail’s Labs features snuck their way into the email service permanently. Did you mean to send the email to Andy or Andrew? The new feature helps eliminate accidental boo-boos.

In addition, it’ll also suggest other recipients that you commonly email in conjunction with whoever you’re sending it …

Utterly Clueless: Bill Gates Didn’t ‘Get’ Gmail

Seven years ago, Google launched Gmail. They did it in a way that no one else had ever done it before: they offered two whole gigabytes of space. Bill Gates couldn’t understand the whole thing worked.

Many people jumped onboard, signing up, and even developers took advantage, launching Gmail Drive. The extension, which turned Google …

Two Minute Video: Top 10 Gmail Extras

“Gmail Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. They may change, break or disappear at any time.”

That’s the ominous message that greets you when you delve into the deepest, darkest corners of Gmail. Beware!

However, some of Gmail’s experimental features can and do make your e-mail …

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