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Why Google+ Won’t ‘Kill’ Twitter

As of now, it’s still unclear as to what exactly Google+ is going to be. For some, like Digg founder Kevin Rose (who replaced his longstanding blog with a redirect to his G+ page), it’s a platform for discussion, an ecosystem uninhibited by mandatory follow backs or character limits.

But for Google? G+ is a tool for systematizing …

Google+ Is ‘Growing Like Crazy’

If you’re desperate to get on to Google+ but are still awaiting your invite, stay calm: Google’s new social network is growing incredibly fast, according to one unofficial study. So your chance to join in the Circle-dancing fun on G+ can’t be far off.

According to G+ user Paul Allen (not the Paul Allen that co-founded Microsoft, …

Oops, Google+ Already Ran Out of Disk Space

Google’s social networking Facebook rival test-launched not quite two weeks ago, and it’s already suffering growing pains. In fact Google+’s storage well apparently ran dry this weekend, prompting the service to spam users with a sudden fusillade of error messages.

On Saturday, Google+ senior vice president of “social” Vic Gundotra

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