iphone 5

Apple’s Absent iPhone 5: Whose Fault Is It Really?

Media, meet blame game, a game in which excitable tech bloggers pronounced Apple’s iPhone event the iPhone 5’s official coming out party, only to discover the iPhone 5 doesn’t exist, or that it’s been replaced by—gasp!—a 4S impostor.

Let’s get one thing straight. There’s never been an iPhone 5. Apple never mentioned it, never …

‘iPhone 4S’ Rumors Set Lower Expectations for Tuesday Reveal

In the iPhone rumor hysteria preceding Apple’s announcement on Tuesday, even the product name is a big deal.

The prevailing theory is that Apple will announce the “iPhone 5,” a name that implies a fresh design and perhaps a larger screen than last year’s iPhone 4. But a new batch of rumors contend that Apple’s next iPhone will …

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