kindle fire

Palm and webOS’s Savior May Be…Amazon?

Could Amazon be lining up to grab Palm away from Hewlett Packard? VentureBeat claims it’s heard as much from “a well-placed source” (well, aren’t they all?). Amazon’s said to be in “serious negotiations” to snatch Palm from HP, and that HP’s more than ready to divest itself of the once-prominent smartphone manufacturer turned webOS …

BlackBerry PlayBook Sees Amazon Kindle Fire, Drops in Price $200

BlackBerry PlayBook price, come on down, you’re the next—or actually, first—contestant on The Price Wasn’t Right, But We’ll Fix That, in view of the Android-based Kindle Fire, which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled Wednesday for just $199.

RIM’s PlayBook had been going for between $299 and $499, depending on model, but retailer Best …

Could Amazon’s Kindle Fire Dethrone Apple’s iPad?

Whatever the pundits want to say about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, however much they want to throttle each other for letting slip trite, presumptive clichés like “iPad killer,” they have to admit, Amazon basically painted crosshairs on Cupertino’s back when it unveiled a $200 color Android tablet at today’s press event—a tablet that’ll …

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