Asus May Launch Sub-$200 Netbook

Faced with tough competition from tablets, Asus may strike back with a dirt-cheap netbook.

Digitimes’ unnamed sources say Asus is planning an Eee PC netbook for less than $199 (not pictured), but it’s not clear what the company would sacrifice to get the price that low.

Typical Windows 7 netbooks sell for about $300 or $350, and …

Acer: Netbooks Will Survive! Tablets: LOL!

Well this is kind of awkward. In an interview published on Forbes’ blog yesterday, Eric Ackerson, a senior product marketing and brand manager at Acer, said that “the death of netbooks is overstated,” in regard to the proliferation of tablets like the iPad. His reasoning is simple: tablets are expensive, netbooks are not.

The article …

Can Intel Buck Moore’s Law with Its New Mobile Processors?

My first job ever was at Best Buy. I applied when I was 14 and was turned down for being too young. I reapplied at 15, was almost hired, and then got turned down when they asked to see my non-existent driver’s license. I reapplied on my 16th birthday and was finally hired. Nerd alert.

In the two years between when I first applied and …

Next Gen Laptops: HP’s 11 Hour Battery, Lenovo’s 10 Second Boot Time

New technology from processor makers Intel and AMD has paved the way for some nice advancements as far as laptop features are concerned. While laptops have generally gotten powerful enough to replace desktop computers for most people, that power has come at the expense of weight, heat and battery life in many instances.

Intel’s …

Two Minute Video: Google’s Web-only Notebook, the Cr-48

Google’s web-only Chrome OS (operating system) will hit the consumer market next year, with several major manufacturers selling inexpensive notebooks that boot directly into a web browser–no desktop, no “Start Menu,” no “Dock,” just the web.

Until consumer products become available, Google has loaded Chrome OS onto a prototype …

Two Minute Video: Samsung Netbook Tops 10-inchers

Buying a netbook is a tricky proposition. By nature, netbooks are fraught with tradeoffs and shortcomings in order to offset low price points and portability. Samsung’s 10-inch NF310 netbook gets a whole lot right without suffering from too many drawbacks.

While most 10-inch netbooks sport cramped 1024×600 resolution screens, the …

Dell Netbook-Tablet Hybrid to Cost $549 in Early December

Dell’s flippy-faced Inspiron Duo will be here in early December, with pricing starting at $549 depending upon the configuration.

The base model will sport a dual-core Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium. The touchscreen measures 10.1-inches and is of the capacitive variety—similar to …

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