Asus Eee Pad Coming in July?

Netbook trailblazer Asus is apparently planning to officially reveal its own tablet in early June at the Computex trade show in Taipei. According to DigiTimes, the actual launch will come sometime in the third quarter, “which sources from component makers revealed will be late July.”

The tablet will supposedly run Android and …

Two Minute Video: Sexy iPad Or Cute Netbook? The Debate In Dating Terms

Now that the initial iPad hysteria has subsided somewhat, you, the level-headed, analytical consumer that you are, may wonder whether you should buy an iPad or spend that money on a nice netbook. The technical debate has been ongoing for quite some time—netbooks are cheaper and more powerful, while the iPad is lighter and more fun with …

8 Netbooks Worth Buying Right Now

Tablets like Apple’s iPad will soon be all the rage, but netbooks are still holding strong and demand doesn’t appear to have dropped off drastically from last year. So we’ve compiled eight of the best and brightest available today. Each netbook on the list has a screen larger than 1024×600 because anything smaller just wouldn’t …

Vivienne Tam and HP’s New Love Child

Fashion Blogger Jordana Bruner of Clutch22 shares her nerdy side in a guest post about the latest in chic geekery. When faced with the dilemma of choosing between a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps or a new accessory for her DSLR, she’ll almost always choose the latter. Clutch22 is an independent style blog that covers everything from

Netbooks Are Really Dumb, Or Maybe You Already Knew That

If you haven’t noticed already, Lev and I have been deeply entrenched in TIME’s annual end of the year Top 10 list hubbub. Not that I’m a veteran or anything seeing as how this is my first go-round. I’ve also been handling the tech packages that regularly run over at that we lovingly place at the bottom of the TECHLAND …

Google Chrome OS Is Coming (For Netbooks)

Earlier today in Mountain View, Google unveiled details of their Chrome OS that was announced earlier this year. The Chromium OS Project was also launched today and it’s Google’s hope that open source developers will lend a hand to build it out. They most recently opened up Wave in the same manner.

Chrome OS is meant to be an …

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