RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphone Sales Tank

So much for RIM’s brief PlayBook sales “surge” to “4.9% of the tablet market”: The company’s losing market share “much faster than expected to rivals Apple and Google,” reports Reuters this morning.

RIM took another bath in red ink yesterday, when it revealed its quarterly profits had plummeted, sending the company’s shares tumbling …

Do Gadgets Really Make Our Lives More Complicated?

A new study published by Ad Age takes a look at the various ways new technologies—in particular, e-readers and tablets—influence the lives of the affluent, concluding that at the end of the day, additive technologies make life more complicated than not.

Assuming that “affluent” means households earning annual median incomes of …

Has Your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Been Recalled?

Research In Motion has recalled a little over 900 of its new-ish 7-inch PlayBook tablets, citing a quirky installation of the operating system “that may result in the devices being unable to properly load software upon initial set-up,” as reported by

If yours is one of the unlucky handful of tablets then you may want

Sprint Delays BlackBerry’s PlayBook Again

He said, she said. In an internal document from Sprint, it would seem BlackBerry’s PlayBook is getting delayed again… indefinitely.

The CDMA variant of BlackBerry’s PlayBook was supposed to launch over the summer. Previous release dates had the PlayBook to debut on April 19th, and the latest one says that it will come in a few …

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