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BlackBerry: Vision Needed

I don’t mean to be painfully Pollyannaish, but I’m almost glad that RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis didn’t announce any new products or other major news at the keynote during its DevCon conference in San Francisco, which I attended on Tuesday morning. A year ago, at the 2010 edition of the event, he unveiled the PlayBook tablet. I got all

Rumor: RIM Realizes It Needs a Next-Gen BlackBerry Phone, Stat

Research in Motion has never confirmed whether it was working on a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, but now the project is reportedly cancelled.

An unnamed source tells BlackBerry enthusiast site N4BB that RIM has ceased production of the 10-inch PlayBook, and for good reason: The company wants to focus on building a new smartphone …

What the PlayBook Means for RIM

Where do I even begin?

Earlier today RIM revealed its tablet and throughout co-CEO Mike Lazaridis’ presentation I couldn’t help but wonder how many catchphrases or buzz words would be thrown out. I lost count minutes after the PlayBook was officially unveiled.

The PlayBook seems impressive with “features” like Flash, a …