iPhone 4S Reviews: No Disappointments

The wait for Apple’s iPhone 4S is almost over—it launches on Friday—but already a select batch of reviewers have laid hands on Apple’s latest handset. No surprises here: They dig it. Here’s a roundup of the first iPhone 4S reviews.


As you’ve probably heard, the iPhone 4S looks exactly like its predecessor, with two glass …

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review: RIM’s Best Smartphone Ever?

Make no mistake about it: The Bold 9900 is the best BlackBerry smartphone to date. But even with a handsome redesign highlighted by a new capacitive touchscreen (plus all the familiar features that make a BlackBerry a Blackberry) will it be enough to close the gap between Apple or Android? Maybe a little?

Take my hand. Let’s find …

A Cut Above: ‘Fruit Ninja Kinect’ Review

Fruit Ninja Kinect clocked in at 140.11 MB when I downloaded it a few days ago. In terms of file sizes for downloadable games, that’s practically in the featherweight division. It’s barely the size of a DLC pack for many games, but the fun to be had in playing the HD version of the hit iPhone game is very disproportionate to its …

The Comic Book Club: Strange Adventures and Kirby Genesis

This is what happens when Techland goes to the comic book store: we end up discussing what we picked up. This week, Evan Narcisse, Douglas Wolk and Graeme McMillan talk about the Strange Adventures one-shot and Kirby Genesis #0.

EVAN: They should have never put a Paul Pope cover on Strange Adventures #1. Not because it creates …

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