Heads Up! Fake iPhone 5 Email Can Infect Your Computer

The new iPhone has not been announced. It is not available for pre-order. It does not have a ridiculous see-through screen. It is not called the "iPhone 5G S" and it’s (probably) not going to be available this Friday. So if you get an email with the subject line "iPhone 5G S has been released" that contains what appears to be marketing

Nokia Admits Hack Last Week More Serious, Closes Developer Forums

Welcome to your weekly hack update, in which a major company admits its perimeter was breached and someone made off with piles of sensitive data. In this installment: Nokia, the Finland-headquartered mobile device manufacturer, and their online development community.

Yep, that community was reportedly infiltrated by ne’er-do-wells who …

‘Spam King’ Sanford Wallace Could Face 16 Years in Prison

Sanford Wallace’s claim to fame as the Spam King dates back to the late ’90s, when his company, Cyber Promotions, became notorious for sending unsolicited junk emails to the masses.

Flash forward to 2011, and Wallace is now facing criminal charges for allegedly sending over 27 million spam messages through illegally phished Facebook …

Google Can Detect if Your Computer Is Infected and Help You Fix It

Malware! Huah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing—unless you’re trying to profit by infecting people’s computers with malware, in which case you’re acting jerk-ily. Good news/bad news, though: Google can now detect certain types on malware on your computer and help you fix it.

It’s good news for people who want to know when …

Your Website: It’s Probably Not Secure Enough

The latest LulzSec hack upon the websites of scandal-struck News International and some of its U.K. newspapers is just another episode in the adventures of what the hackers themselves call “the Lulz Boat,” by which they mean the increasingly bizarre and illegal trip they’re taking through global media and politics.

Lulz, of course, is …

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