Man Hacks Siri to Start His Car

Is there anything Siri can’t do (besides recognize Scottish accents)? Providing further proof that one day we’ll rely on our smartphones for just about everything, developer Brandon Fiquett hacked Siri to work with the Viper SmartStart system in his Acura TL, meaning he can start and stop his engine via voice command, as well as pop the …

Rumor: You Thought Siri Was Exclusive to Apple’s iPhone 4S?

Look at that iPhone 4S, all sleek and new and, well, pretty much identical to the iPhone 4 on the outside. It’s what’s inside that counts, from the 4S’s superior camera and faster all-in-one processor to a voice assistant named Siri you can’t find anywhere else—anywhere else that’s not an Apple phone, anyway.

It sounds like a Siri …

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