If Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer, What About Laptops?

Cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic”? Potentially brain-cancer-causing? Comparable to pesticides and the stuff your car spits out? So sayeth the World Health Organization? The reputable science-minded subsidiary of the United Nations?

Bummer. Thank goodness I use ear buds, and don’t talk on the phone much—though when on the go, I …

Study: 50 Percent of People Can’t Shop Without Their Phone

Something caught your eye in-store? It already might be second nature to whip out your phone, using it as a guide about whether you should really splurge on that brand new Inception Blu-Ray.

A report conduced by Arc Worldwide, a marketing services firm, found that half of shoppers consult their phones while shopping. The report …

Rejected iPhone Radiation App Gets Released Anyways

If radiation gives you the heebie jeebies, it’s a bit too late to panic, because all cell phones emit radiation. You still might want to pay your respects to tawkon, though, a company that recently developed an iPhone app to measure the radiation coming through when you’re yapping away.

Unfortunately, it’s not where you’d …

So Will the AT&T and T-Mobile Deal Get Approved?

There’s always that one catch before the merger goes live. Before AT&T gets to play Frankenstein with T-Mobile, the deal will, thankfully, have to pass through the FCC and the Justice Department first. No one can forecast what’s going to happen, but if the deal falls through, a lot more happens than T-Mobile getting to keep its …

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