Sprint to Round Down Prepaid Minutes With ‘Common Cents’

Funny how something as simple as rounding down cell phone minutes may have the ability to ingratiate a carrier with consumers. Sprint’s looking to find out whether or not that’s true by launching what it’s calling “Common Cents Mobile” through a partnership with retail giant Walmart.

The plan includes seven cents-per-minute …

Another iPhone 4 Sighting

Looks like this whole iPhone 4 secret has gotten away from Apple full force, with another sighting coming from Vietnam. This one’s got three and a half minutes of video to go with it although just like the Gizmodo iPhone, this one appears to have been remotely disabled as well so we can’t see what the actual operating system looks …

Virgin Mobile to Offer $35 Prepaid BlackBerry Plan

Newsflash! Plenty of people barely use any of their voice minutes any more. It’s all texting, e-mailing, and webbing (webbing, right?) nowadays. Virgin Mobile knows this and, as such, will soon offer an unbelievably aggressive BlackBerry plan.

Since Virgin Mobile is a prepaid operator (it uses Sprint’s network), you’ll have to …

BlackBerry 6 User Interface Demo Video Emerges

RIM has tapped the Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow to show off its upcoming BlackBerry 6 operating system. A fashionable business lady, a man in a suit, and a kid at school all dance behind the transparent interface and push various buttons. It’s all very hard to watch. The final few seconds with the three of them in a B-Boy stance is the …

Two Minute Video: How Cheap is Your Cell? Techland Compares Plans

Shopping for a cell phone service plan presents a dizzying array of options, add-ons, and pricing structures. Here’s a look at several plans from the four major cell carriers. We’ll take a look at the cheapest personal voice plan, cheapest personal voice and texting plan, cheapest personal everything plan, and a couple of family …

St. Patty’s Day Survival Kit

Imagine for a second that I’m reading this post to you aloud in an Irish accent. Or you could read this aloud in an Irish accent.

And so we begin.

I’m not sure what the actual statistic is for cell phones being dropped into the toilet but I know it’s pretty high. So on this Hallmark Holiday of drinking, I present to you a St. …

Microsoft Outlines Windows Phone 7 Development Details

Microsoft is slowly (slooooowly) making its way back into the mobile phone arena with the impending Windows Phone 7 initiative. It’s seriously like the guy who waits until 10:59:59 to check out of a hotel. Apple, Google, and even Palm are halfway to Albuquerque and Microsoft hasn’t even showered yet.

But Microsoft’s got a …

Sony Prepares To Do Battle With Apple, Itself

Ask anyone what they think of Sony today and chances are you won’t get a positive response. The company that once dominated the consumer electronics sector has fallen on hard times in recent years. Every facet of the business is playing catch up to companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple. What went wrong?

I fondly remember my …

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