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Screenshot Tour of Facebook’s New ‘Timeline’ Interface

I signed up on Facebook back in 2004, mere months after Zuckerberg launched the social network at Harvard. At the time, the network was a hit amongst college campuses and was not yet available to the public. Since then, the user interface has gone through more looks and changes than Lady Gaga sees in a good month.

Yesterday, …

Facebook Changes News Feed to Focus on ‘Top Stories’

Three things, they say, are certain in life: death, taxes, and Facebook redesigns. The social network, notorious for tinkering with its home page, has just introduced changes to the Facebook news feed with an emphasis on “top stories” instead of recent posts.

Facebook users who don’t regularly visit the site will only see these top …

Facebook More Important than Toilets that Flush, Say British

Sure, Americans may cumulatively spend 53 billion minutes per month on Facebook, but at least users in the U.S. understand that social media is less important than the ability to, for example, flush away human waste…unlike Facebook addicts in the United Kingdom.

A study, carried out by the London Science Museum, has discovered that …

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