Why I Want The Watson Computer to (Help) Take Care of My Baby

I became a dad a few months ago and remember clearly how nerve-racking the birth of my child was. And even once the (thankfully healthy) kid got here, you spend a lot of time operating in the dark about what might be happening if something goes wrong. As great as doctors and nurses are, they’re parsing innumerable variables when it comes …

Why I Would(n’t) Want to Build My Own Watson Jr.

For those of you who followed the Jeopardy! IBM Challenge and were amazed by Watson, the supercomputer that cleaned the floor with the best contestants in Jeopardy! history, here’s your chance to build your own machine. Master inventor (yes that’s his official title) and senior managing consultant for the IBM System Storage product line

Before Watson: Five Great Man vs. Machine Battles in Comics

Long before Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter heroically took on IBM’s Watson on Jeopardy! to defend the honor of humanity against the vanguard of the inevitable robot uprising, comic book superheroes were battling evil computers and robots, and handing those metallic jerks their mechanical back panels. Here are five of the more memorable …

Jeopardy Computer Pits AI Skills Against Humanity

Meet Watson: a computer with artificial intelligence capable of understanding the nuances in human speech. Watson is so smart – and so knowledgeable about humanity – that it is going to take on the grand champions of Jeopardy, America’s favorite quiz show. But more on that later.

What Watson means in the greater scheme of things is …