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What Is YouTube’s ‘Panda’ Project All About?

Google’s been busy recently. The launch of Google+ has also brought about a long-overdue revamp of the branding and styling found on other Google sites, giving all of them a unified new look. YouTube is no exception.

The new YouTube goes under the name “Cosmic Panda”, and you can get to it just by visiting …

Watch the Official Trailer for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

The first full trailer of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon just got unveiled recently. So if you’re ready to binge on some popcorn while watching the third installment of the series, mark July 1st on your calendar.

Shia LeBouf returns as the lead, along with some actress named Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who hopefully …

Google Talk Video and Voice Chat Comes to Android

Huzzah! Google’s spiffing up their Android phones by adding Google Talk video and voice chat capabilities. It also might be time for me cheat on my iPhone, with a hot, newer number.

The calls can be made over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. It doesn’t matter if the other party is on their Android phone or sitting behind a clunking computer – …

So Long, Google Video. Google Finally Cements Nail in Coffin

Google has finally decided to put Google Video out of its misery. What’s that I hear? Silence? Yep, that the sound of people caring.

Starting April 29, the site will not host any more videos, making many nonexistent users forlorn about its demise. An email was sent out to active users to download their videos and re-upload them to …

YouTube Drops $100 Million to Add Original Content

YouTube is this generation’s boob tube. With some upcoming changes planned, it may soon become downright indistinguishable. The site is planning to revamp itself, putting the spotlight on topic channels and original content on its homepage.

The Wall Street Journal says that a good portion of these channels will showcase several …

Hollywood Wants to Make You Pay $30 to “Rent” Movies

Actually, it’s not a joke. Four big studios are rolling out “premium VOD,” and they want you to pay $30 to watch a movie. The service will actually let users view recent movies that haven’t hit DVD yet.

Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and 20th Century Fox will let the charges roll through its”Home Premiere.” It only includes …

Video: Taking On Tiger Woods at His Own Game

The iconic green jacket golfers win at the storied annual Masters tournament means one thing: The victor’s name goes down as one of the best in history. Tiger Woods accomplished that feat in 1997, making him the youngest person ever to do it at age 21.

That’s great and all but I still beat him at his own game. Granted, it was only …

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