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My Mom’s On Facebook, The Music Video

Made for anyone whose shameless Web presence was cut short due to family members infiltrating social media, this video has been gaining viral-levels of attention this week. On the surface, it pokes fun at the ‘clueless’ appearance of older family members’ attempts at navigating social media, when it’s actually proving that maybe it’s the …

NASA’s Space Telescope, The Musical?

Oh NASA, your nerdy space musicals delight me so.

This five-minute ditty features a NASA scientist who explains the infrared technology of the Spitzer Space Telescope and its difference from other telescopes like Hubble.

Infrared/ Capturing the heat instead/ There is light in the sky that we can’t see/ In the darkest parts of the

Watch As Lil Poison (he’s 11) Wallops Techland In Halo 3

On Wednesday, Lev and I had the esteemed privilege of hosting Lil Poison aka Victor De Leon III in the Techland game room aka the empty office we commandeered without telling anyone else. Believe it or not, Lil Poison is the youngest professional gamer and he’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records. Actually, he’s in the …

Assassin’s Creed 2: Inspired Design Trailer

The second coming of Ubisoft’s monster hit Assassin’s Creed is almost upon us. It hits stores tomorrow and while I’m writing this I’m also busy getting through our review build. It’s pretty epic and I’ll probably end up playing through the night. Rough life, right?

The ‘Inspired Design’ video follows the creative team …

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