Twitter Tattoo Means Twitter Will Be Around Forever

This probably isn’t the first Twitter tattoo (henceforth known as a twattoo) and it probably won’t be the last, but it’s the latest. An enterprising young lady has decided to work at building her personal brand by getting a tattoo that says “follow me” in Twitter’s font next to Twitter’s bird logo along her left arm. Her …

Stop the Insanity: Bacon Flavored Beverage Syrup

Un. Be. Lievable. The familiar Torani-labeled bottles that you see at your local coffee shop come in a wide variety of flavors. Does bacon have to be one of them? Apparently, yes.

I’d consider myself a bacon lover through and through but I draw the line at Torani’s suggestion that I add this bacon syrup “to cocktails, lattes, …

Microsoft Office Filled With Alarm Left on Sidewalk, Hilarity Ensues

If you saw a copy of Microsoft Office sitting unattended in a public area, what would you do? I’d think to myself, “Hey I use Google Docs, but Microsoft Office is expensive! I wonder where the rightful owner is. I’ll call Microsoft’s tech support hotline to ask them how to return it to said rightful owner and if they have no idea …

Humor Training? Ask Microsoft

If you’ve been endlessly searching for an academic approach to humor, look no further than Microsoft’s Education site. Specifically, the “competency” section for “humor.”

Did you know that there are four levels of proficiency in humor? It’s true. If you’re just at level one (basic), you may wonder where to find humor. …

Dear Readers, Kindly Explain Yourselves

Don’t ask me what we use Chartbeat for because I sit and stare at it all day trying to figure it out. What I can tell you is that it shows us where our traffic is coming from and one particular search term jumped out at Allie earlier today. It’s funny and disturbing. I Googled it and I can tell you that Techland does not show up on the …

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