Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope Trailer

What a strange amalgamation of over 400 15-second user generated clips. I’m sort of speechless.

The first public screening of Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope will take place in Copenhagen at CPH:PIX on the 19th of this month with screenings in NYC to follow.

Find the rest of the Uncut shenanigans over at Star Wars Uncut.

Handgun USB Drive Looks Too Real For Travel

This defeats the purpose of being able to bring your data with you. It’s a 4GB USB thumb drive that looks like a gun. A small gun, sure, but small guns have existed since the Derringer–maybe even before that.

My dad got stopped bringing a souvenir Derringer through airport security about 20 years ago after a trip to Disney World. …

Things I Didn’t Know Existed Until Today: iPad Camera Connection Kit

So I was talking to my brother the other day about pre-ordering the iPad, which I didn’t do, and he mentioned this SD card adapter that he was going to buy. I thought he was talking about ZoomIt, but it turns out that Apple is making a camera adapter for the iPad. My brother claims that it was announced during the iPad press conference …

Opera Promises Better iPhone Browser

The thought of writing another story about cell phones induces the need to vomit but who am I to disappoint Matt Selman? Hey, Matt, I’m going to push down your limerick genius with posts about cell phones and cameras, k?

Opera will unveil Mini 5 beta for the iPhone next week in Barcelona at MWC and promises the experience will be …

LOST S06E03 E-mail Chain: Back To Throwing Chairs

Season 6: Episode 3

Allie Townsend: Jack has a sister? His sister was on the island? HUH?

Peter Ha: Do you watch LOST? Claire is his sister.

AT: Yeah, Claire is a halfsie. So they mean Claire? Claire is evil now?

PH: You totally DON’T watch LOST!

AT: Shut up, Ha. I’ll cut you.

So, this week we found out that something …

Steve Jobs Was Here

Where’s my Drudge siren?!

The rumors about Steve Jobs’ mysterious appearance at various publishers in NYC are true. He apparently dropped by the TIME & LIFE building for breakfast today. I clearly was not invited.

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