Multi-touch Wars: Amazon Scoops Up Touchco

It was inevitable, really. Apple is poised to take a good chunk of business away from Amazon and the Kindle when the iBook Store launches next month. But this has nothing to do with content deals or e-book pricing squabbles.

Amazon is preparing to beef up its Kindle hardware with news that it has acquired New York-based Touchco. Both …

Things I Didn’t Know Existed Until Today: Technotise

So I didn’t find anything over the weekend that caught me off guard or I didn’t already know about. But late last night, a tipster sent over a fan made trailer for a live action version of Aleksa Gajić and Darko Grkinić’s Serbian comic Technotise. I know nothing about this comic or the animated sequel, Technotise: Edit & I

The A-Team Trailer: So That Happened

“One year ago … an elite commando unit … was sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit.”

Unlike most people watching this trailer, I’m actually interested in the informational content of the voice-over. That’s because I never saw the original “A-Team.” In the part of your brain where you’re supposed to have hours and hours of …

Lady Gaga, Queen Of The Polaroids?

Or as one staffer put it: “Irrelevant Company Hires Relevant Singer.”

Okay, you got us, Polaroid. You went and did something outrageous so that everyone would write about you. Congratulations. Here’s your obligatory-outrageous-move post:

Today amidst the tech frenzy that is CES, Polaroid announced that Lady Gaga will act as a …

The Best Review of ‘Phantom Menace’ I’ve Ever Seen

Okay, so 70 minutes might be long for a movie review, but I promise you, this is worth it.

A seven-part series recently posted on YouTube by comedy writer and filmmaker Mike from Milwaukee, Wisconsin just rips apart Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace by pointing out the countless plot holes in the first Star Wars prequel.

The …

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