Do Gadgets Really Make Our Lives More Complicated?

A new study published by Ad Age takes a look at the various ways new technologies—in particular, e-readers and tablets—influence the lives of the affluent, concluding that at the end of the day, additive technologies make life more complicated than not.

Assuming that “affluent” means households earning annual median incomes of …

Acer: Netbooks Will Survive! Tablets: LOL!

Well this is kind of awkward. In an interview published on Forbes’ blog yesterday, Eric Ackerson, a senior product marketing and brand manager at Acer, said that “the death of netbooks is overstated,” in regard to the proliferation of tablets like the iPad. His reasoning is simple: tablets are expensive, netbooks are not.

The article …

Motorola Tablet Pokes Fun at Apple Users, Gets Priced at $800

First things first! Did you see the Motorola Xoom ad during the Super Bowl last night? If not, here it is.


You’ll notice that Motorola’s taking a shot at Apple users, which seems like kind of an odd choice considering someone who might be interested in the iPad fits roughly …