4Chan vs. Gawker

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Date: Jul 2010

The Beef: It all started with Jessi Slaughter. A post on Stickydrama, a tween gossip site, linked the pre-teen to the lead singer of Blood on the Dance Floor. Instead of letting the rumor go, Slaughter responded in the classiest way she knew: a video where she threatens “haters” that she will shoot them in the head and mutilate them.

Warning: Language NSFW

The 11-year-old foul mouthed viral vixen (yes, you read that right, she was only 11) managed to upset the majority of the trolling world that lives at 4Chan, who went on a trolling rampage sending pizza’s to her house, prank calling her, spamming her Facebook and MySpace accounts. This led to the video which spawned such phrases as “You Dun Goofed,” “Cyberpolice,”  and “Consequences Will Never Be The Same.” The story hat hit news outlets like Good Morning America and CBS.

Warning: Language NSFW

Gawker, cashing in on the viral story, called 4Chan users out for picking on a 11-year-old girl. Let’s just say they weren’t pleased.

The Result: 4Chan then turned their efforts toward Gakwer and tried to take down the media site. Though service slowed down, Gawker says they caught the attack early on and were able to fix the damage before anything catastrophic happened. Then they tried again. It worked.

The Aftermath: Both sites have cooled down their grudges and are operating normally. Last we heard, Jessi Slaughter is launching a fashion line. Blood on the Dance Floor has yet to get their own Wikipedia page.

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