This Weekend in Geek Cinema

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A regular roundup of geek-flick openings, judged irresponsibly by their trailers alone:

The Last Mimzy: Little kids find toys from the future that grant them wondrous powers. Said toys have a secret agenda of wonderment and wondrosity. Watching the trailer (linked above), you can see the totally awesome horror flick this might have been, had said toys turned out to be evil, and turned their winsome young discoverers into avenging hell-witches. Dwight Schrute cameos!

TMNT: It sticks in my craw to use the coolified acronym of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — it didn’t work for NKOTB, why would it work now? Actually the trailer is more jazzily directed than you’d think, and I would probably love this if I were either 8 or high. Which I’m not. In fact I’m old enough to remember the original TMNT, which was a parody comic, before Hollywood stripped the turtles of most of their irony. (Interestingly, the co-creator of the original TMNT put some his cash windfall toward funding progressive comics. Good on ya.) Buffy, Morpheus and Captain Picard cameo!