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Lev Grossman is TIME's book critic and its lead technology writer. He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling novels The Magicians and The Magician King. He is chaotic good.

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Comic-Con Royalty, Part Three: The Jester

Damian Hess has been recording and performing as MC Frontalot for 11 years now. When he started out the music he made didn’t have a name, so he named it himself: it’s called nerdcore. Frontalot raps about computers, video games, Dungeons and Dragons, superheroes, action movies, cartoons and other things beloved of the Comic-Con

Comic-Con Royalty, Part Two: The King

Joss Whedon’s movies don’t make billions. His last foray into TV, Dollhouse, was canceled after two seasons. The one before that, Firefly, lasted only eleven (glorious, unforgettable) episodes. But more than any other writer or director working in Hollywood, he represents the authentic voice of the fan in the big-studio world, and more

Comic-Con Royalty, Part One: The Queen

Today I was able to meet up with, seriatim, three artists who in different ways exemplify what Comic-Con is about. They are not the richest or most famous people at Comic-Con, but they are its royalty. If there is a soul within the heaving mass of hype and advertising that Comic-Con has become, they are it.

Royal Number One is Felicia

Comic-Con Diary, Day 1: Fear and Branding in San Diego

Dateline: San Diego! Where every year countless hordes of “Trekkies” and “cosplayers” and other freaky “pocket protector” types descend on the convention center for what “some” have called “nerd Woodstock”…

OK. Now that’s taken care of.

The first thing you notice when you get close to Comic-Con is the creeping …

San Diego Comic-Con, Day Zero: Has the Nerd Bubble Burst?

When you’re a professional, when you’re going there for work, the sad truth is that you do not go to Comic-Con with a feeling of joy in your heart. You go with a weary sense of inevitability.

You’re not complaining, God knows! But Comic-Con is too big and sweaty and busy to really enjoy. And when you’re working — when you’re covering …

The Video Game Dialogue that Haunts My Subconscious

Whenever I do something spectacularly stupid or self-defeating, which is about every 8 seconds or so, I hear a little voice in the back of my head that says “IDIOT!”

It says it in this slow, growly voice, like a drunk leprechaun: ID-EE-YUT!

This is because I have spent many aggregate months of my life playing Myth and Myth 2, which …

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