Lev Grossman

Lev Grossman is TIME's book critic and its lead technology writer. He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling novels The Magicians and The Magician King. He is chaotic good.

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The 10 Tiny Details that Made Star Wars Matter

The first time I saw Star Wars I was really freaking scared.

I was 7 in the spring of 1977, and I had already been traumatized by Young Frankenstein. Yeah, I ended that one out in the lobby. So uppermost in my mind, as we drove out to the Burlington (Mass.) Mall Cinema, where Star Wars was playing, was whether or not I could gut out …

The Guy Who Hates Comic-Con Has Left Comic-Con

I gotta go. Comic-Con will have to find some way to get by without me.

The appropriate way to leave Comic-Con would be gripping the skid of a Huey as it lifts off from the roof of the San Diego convention center, Saigon-style. That option wasn’t available, though give it a few years. By then it’ll be a corporate-sponsored promotion, …

The Guy Who Hates Comic-Con, Part V: They Are Sex Bob-omb

I saw Scott Pilgrim last night.

Full disclosure, this took place in the context of some major-league cosseting. I mean, pampering on the level that makes you feel like you’re some kind of evil ancient god-emperor.

First of all the Scott Pilgrim screening was a surprise screening, so just to begin with you get this climate of …

The Guy Who Hates Comic-Con, Part II: Hope Kills

Just landed in San Diego. Comic-Con opens tonight — you can get into the show floor for a couple of hours for a kind of warm-up look-around deal.

It’s probably the best part of the entire show: a brief moment during which Comic-Con actually looks sort of like the show it should be. The halls are merely crowded, not actually packed …

Singularity: Die You Commie Ghost Mutants Die

Here’s my pet peeve about video games set in Russia. So you know that letter they always use as an R, to make things look all Russian? This one — Я?

That is not an R. It is pronounced “ya.” So if you know any Russian, and you’re playing a game like Singulaяity, set on the secret island of Katoяga, it starts to get on your …

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