Meet Your New Pinball, Yo-Yo, and Pokemon World Champions

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Perhaps you, like me, did not know that there were champions of these things. Well you knew wrong. Dead wrong.

Over the weekend the Professional/Amateur Pinball Association held its world championship in Scott Township, Pennyslvania. 406 players entered. They played Cheetah, Johnny Mnemonic (‘better than the movie!’ <tm>), Creature from the Black Lagoon, Family Guy, and The Addams Family. One man left with the championship: Keith Elwin, who also left with it the past two years.

He scored 547,503,300 points on Creature from the Black Lagoon. Yeah, pretty good.

Meanwhile, Jensen Kimmitt was winning the 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando, Florida. I don’t often use the words ‘sick’ and ‘yo-yo routine’ and ‘Jensen’ in the same sentence, but Jensen Kimmitt’s yo-yo routine was sick:


Not being a technician here, but I would say that it’s at about 2:49 that his routine goes from chronically to terminally ill.

Though I can do a round-the-world. Most of the time.

Also, the 2010 Pokemon World Championships were this weekend in Hawaii. Yuta Komatsuda of Japan won the masters division of the trading card category. Ray Rizzo of the U.S. won the senior division of the video games

I think next year they should hold all these in the same place, give somebody a chance to unify the championship in one grueling all-round event. We could call it an Adamantium Man triathlon.