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Lev Grossman is TIME's book critic and its lead technology writer. He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling novels The Magicians and The Magician King. He is chaotic good.

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The New Xbox 360 Slim is a Big Step Backward

As a tech journalist I have a good record with firsts. I’m pretty sure I was the first journalist to see the iPhone. Ditto the Wii. Also the Xbox 360: in the months before it came out I spent a lot of time in Redmond with J Allard and the other guys who were building it.

So I remember well my first look at it. It was different. It …

The Unending Hell That Is TowerMadness

Recently I went away on a 3-week trip. It was the kind of trip where two days out of three you’re getting on a plane and going somewhere else. Usually when I go on such trips I take the precaution of buying some insanely addictive iPhone game in advance.

I’ve gone down this road with GeoDefense and GeoDefense Swarm. I’ve done Enigmo

I’m Calling It: Voicemail Is Dead

I got a new iPhone about ten months ago. (My last one got stolen.) I dicked around with the settings. I set up e-mail, threw some apps on there, as one does. I figured I’d set up voicemail when I had a sec.

I’m still waiting for that sec.

If I call myself I still get the “Welcome to your new mailbox!” I really meant to set it up, …

This French Movie Trailer Sums Up My Entire Adolescence

And possibly yours.

No seriously, check it out. If you were even remotely sentient in the 1980’s, you will recognize something fundamental here. Jour de la Comete appears to be a kind of collage-parody of vaguely science-fictional teen-comedy movies like Back to the Future, The Goonies, Weird Science, Real Genius, The Twilight Zone,

Split/Second: A Review

I hate racing games. Well, that’s not really true. I hate cars. They kill people, they destroy the planet, they make lots of noise, etc. etc.

So I hate those ultra-realistic racing games that reproduce real cars in such minute detail that you feel like you’re driving your VW Passat to the center of town to pick up the kids after …

The No Ordinary Family Trailer

Apparently ABC has picked this up.

But is this really news? Of course Michael Chiklis is invulnerable. He’s the Thing dammit. He’s lucky, actually, because this generic, un-edgy trailer makes me want to smack him. You hear that Michael Chiklis? Lucky!

Less believable is that he has a convenient black best friend with whom to

Amock: A Short Film

I picked this up via io9. Look! French people can do bad acting too! Only it doesn’t sound that bad in French.

If you’re pressed for time — and even if you’re not — you might want to start at 2:00. All you missed was a French guy eating a sandwich and ogling a French lady. There’s nothing in there that would make the plot make …

The Adjustment Bureau Trailer

I didn’t even know about this. Maybe it’s because they didn’t want me to know.

Well the cat’s out of the bag now. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt star as lovers who find themselves at the center of a paranoid conspiracy that tears at the root of our every cherished belief about reality itself. Reality I say. Yes, this is a Philip K. Dick …

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