The Potter Ultimatum

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Just a note to point Potteristas to a very useful post at the Leaky Cauldron summarizing some of the speculation (500+ posts as of this morning) going on over there about the Deathly Hallows covers.

Much chatter about the so-called “love room” at the Ministry of Magic, which I basically have only the dimmest memory of what that is. I think the most interesting tidbit I’m hearing has to do with the idea that the scene on the back of the UK children’s edition is of Durmstrang, suggesting that the wider wizarding world (WWW) has been drawn into the war over Voldemort.

In other news, there’s a trailer up for the Bourne Ultimatum. It’s about 33% material from the earlier movies, but I don’t really care, I’m a huge fan of anything Bourne. There’s something irresistible about their melancholy, hyper-naturalistic, deadpan action style — those are the only movies (besides Ronin) where Europe really looks like Europe. But for God’s sakes, I wish they would bring back Franka, the only actress I’ve ever seen Matt Damon have chemistry with. Make her a clone, make her a cyborg, but just bring her back!