J.J. Abrams’ Mystery Trailer

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This mysterious trailer has been running in theaters before Transformers:

Sorry for embedding a grainy shaky-cam clip of what is already a grainy shaky-cam movie. This is apparently a “secret” project being produced by J.J. Abrams, where “secret” is marketing-speak for “not secret,” and slated for a January release. What we’re looking at, judging by the trailer and by some info at Ain’t It Cool News, is a big monster movie seen documentary-style from the point of view of various bystanders who happened to have video cameras handy. Sort of War of the Worlds shot Blair Witch style. Which frankly, to me, sounds pretty damn cool.

I love to hear those groaning sub-sonics that denote the unfolding/destruction of large steel structures. And fortunately for me, I’m immune to shaky-cam-induced motion sickness. This is, apparently, my superpower.

Update: much much better quality clip is here, on the official site.