I Went to E3 and All I Got Were These Lousy Videos. Or Wait, I Didn’t Even Go to E3

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Every year I very graciously get asked to help judge the Best of E3 competition. And every year I agree, because I genuinely want to judge said competition, and I genuinely believe that I will actually go to E3. And I end up not going.

But I do feverishly monitor what comes out of it. And I’m going to post the best/most important videos here, starting with the single most important one, the Killzone 2 trailer.

This is obviously a must-win for Sony, which needs a hardcore title that will drive sales and allow them to fall asleep at night muttering “we have the Halo killer” into their Master Chief sleeping bags. They don’t, of course, have the Halo killer, but they do have the best-looking game of the show so far, which isn’t saying all that much. They definitely don’t have a game that looks like the 2005 E3 Killzone 2 trailer, a piece of now-legendarily blatant pre-rendered hype. But it’s still mighty cool:

What was Killzone 1, by the way? Never played it.