The Tron Guy Is Getting Back in the Game

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Steven Lisberger, who directed Tron, has another movie in the works. The bad news: it’s not a Tron sequel. The good news: it’s not a sequel to Animalympics either.

Quoth Variety:

The pioneering writer-director of 1982’s “Tron” has sold “Soul Code,” a futuristic tale he penned at the instigation of IGN hostess Jessica Chobot, to Reliant Pictures for mid-six figures.

Lisberger will direct the story of a tech pioneer who has perfected a way to download and transfer a person’s memory. Script examines what happens when her memory is placed into a much younger woman’s body.

Hm. Sounds a bit pervy. But it’s good to see Lisberger directing again. At this point I would accept a Tron remake.