Suddenly I Want to See Beowulf

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It’s because of this ‘R-rated’ trailer, which comes on a lot stronger than the original trailer, which made me wonder if I could really sit through 2 hours of Polar Express-style mo-capped Vikings.

The new trailer really doesn’t pull punches. The violence is extreme, and much harder-edged than the balletic stuff of 300. You will see a dude ripped in half. (There’s also a moment when some dude roars, ‘Tonight…will be different!’ I assume when this actually hits theaters everybody will yell “…we dine in hell!” Rocky-Horror style.) Philosophical question: if I see a digitally animated motion-captured Angelina Jolie with no clothes on, have I actually seen her naked?

p.s. Consider taking a moment to contemplate the increasing awesomeness of The Battle for Gobwin Knob. These days no webcomic delivers me more panel-for-panel satisfaction. GNNURM!