Halo 3: This Is What You Get

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That is, this is what you get if you participate in the whole-hog, journalistically-ethically-murky Halo 3 promotional swagstorm. This morning I received this mailing from Microsoft in a box large enough to hold a small human body, or maybe a grunt:


(Sorry for the lame cell-cam photography — the colors came out weirdly saturated.) I post this not to make fun of it, or to brag, or to publicly search my soul over whether I should send it back (It’s not like Time is going to do that much more Halo coverage — we already did three pages on Halo 3, pre-swag — which I know isn’t the point, but still. And I don’t even know what “it” is — haven’t opened the regulation-army-green duffel bag yet). I post it in a spirit of awe at Microsoft’s sheer thoroughness. I mean, that’s my gamertag printed right on the duffel.