The Bar Exam

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Every morning when I get to work the first thing I do is mash down the COMMAND key with my left thumb (we’re in Firefox/Mac-land here) and click on each of the websites on my toolbar. That opens each site in a different tab, the end result being a nice fat windowful of twenty tabs all loaded up with delicious morning content.

Does anybody else do this? In the great holy spirit of transparency, I thought I’d share what’s on my toolbar every morning. What do you think? Am I missing an essential source of nerd news? This is strictly unedited, by the way, so any links to Time magazine content are just, you know, me doing my job. Ahem:

Time’s blogs

Google news

the New York Times

Ain’t It Cool News




Critical Mass (this is the blog of the National Book Critics Circle, where I’m on the board of directors)



Paper Cuts (this is the NY Times’s books blog)

Apple 2.0

PvP (now we get into the webcomics)

Penny Arcade



Order of the Stick/Gobwin Knob

Popwatch (that’s Entertainment Weekly’s blog)

Facebook/Scrabulous (I’m scared of Facebook, because I really don’t need another way for the Internet to puke messages at me. But I do like to get my Scrab on.)