New Cloverfield Trailer Up

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It’s here. I could embed something from YouTube, but you’ll want the hi-def.

So yeah, there’s sort of no word or number or physical gesture that would adequately convey how rabidly I want to see this. This is me falling for clever marketing: I know it’s happening, but I can’t stop it. Even though the Blair Witch thing immediately collapsed under the weight of its own success, plus that of its meh sequels, which inexplicably abandoned the formula that made it great, it was kinda great at the time, and this has that same you-are-there tingly stuff, plus a bit of 9/11 gravitas — those falling papers are very 9/11. Plus the horse-carriage with no rider. Spooky!

And we get a wee glimpse of the monster in this one. Somebody isolated the clip here: