The Prince Caspian Trailer Is Up

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It’s here. Scroll down for the high-def version.

Prince Caspian is, of course, a very weird book, since it starts a millennium after the last book ends, so the first thing the Pevensies have to deal with is that everybody they knew and loved in Narnia is dead. Except Aslan — maybe that’s the point? But you can imagine how pissed his editors were. Clive, the kids want more Tumnus. Waddaya mean he’s dead?

Other than that, I don’t see much to get excited about. There’s some pretty CGI work, obvs — a pink petal-spirit, a water-spirit, some bending trees — and some welcome faces — Tilda Swinton gets a frozen cameo, and how did I not know that perennial Nerd World favorite Peter Dinklage was going to play Trumpkin? (Pete, if you’re reading, two words: Tyrion Lannister.)

But otherwise, it reminds me that a great book that’s adapted merely competently can become a pretty but absolutely empty movie. Cough, Golden Compass, cough. And what is up, yo, with Prince “Gaspian’s” accent?