Lots of Nerd News Out of WonderCon: Iron Man, X-Files 2, Caspian, Wall-E…

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The legions of agents at Ain’t It Cool transcribed every word uttered, written or thought at WonderCon (the poor man’s Comic-Con) in San Francisco, then added thorough descriptions of each frame of video screened. A hasty, random guide to the take-away, plus links if you want the exhaustive treatment:

Iron Man: Jon Favreau showed the full flight-test sequence teased in the Super Bowl ad. There’s a lot more humor there, things like Stark bantering with a squad of quirky helper-robots. No, really, it sounds like it works.

X-Files 2: Apparently Andersen and Duchovny were all chummy-flirty on their panel: “Gillian had a bad first couple of days at the beginning of the movie. She thought it was going to be easy to step back into the role, but she said she just sucked for the first 48 hours. She said it was only two scenes and she hopes that it’ll all kind of dissolve into the rest of the movie. Duchovny added, “Maybe you should tell them which scenes you sucked in.” Throughout the whole panel their back and forth was pure Mulder and Scully… he was light-hearted and there was a kind of flirt to it. It was pretty sweet.”

There’s also a YouTube clip of the trailer, which may not last long:

Prince Caspian: [The special effects guy, Howard Berger] looked at the first film and figured out what he wanted to change… he didn’t put it this way, but I got the impression that Caspian was an opportunity for a “do-over” on the creatures. He wanted a difference in age with the creatures… so this one we’ll see young creatures, old creatures and more wild beings, not so “coifed.”

Wall-E:Short Circuit was brought up and [Director Andrew] Stanton said in all honestly he’s only seen that movie once and while it might have subconsciously had an effect on Wall-E’s design the main inspiration came when he was at an A’s game and someone gave him a pair of binoculars. He spent an entire inning just playing with them, moving them up and down. “Happy, sad, happy, sad…” He said you don’t need a mouth, you don’t need a nose to show emotion, just that movement.

Clone Wars: “It was very important to George (Lucas) that we explore a side of Anakin… you couldn’t call it the good side, but more of who was Anakin? What was he like?” Plus bonus stuff about 10,000 BC and Get Smart that you may or may not care about.