I’m Starting to Get the Point of That Hulk Movie

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There’s a new trailer out for the rebooted Ed Norton version of The Hulk that opens June 13th. It’s here.

I think I’m finally getting the point of this movie. It’s about a sensitive guy who can’t control his super-strong radioactive alter ego. That’s it. There’s nothing else. Norton and this director, Louis Leterrier (the auteur of, wait for it, Transporter 2), have set out to raise this franchise from disaster to mediocrity. And they just…might…do it!

But seriously, I will go see this. I always like watching Norton on screen, if only because he looks like an actual nerd and doesn’t tend to over-act. And you gotta love that old school Hulk TV show music.

In other news, Harry Potter has dropped off the bestseller lists for the first time in 10 years.