A Cool Grant Morrison Moment

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I’ve never really been one to follow comics writers and artists too closely. It’s a pure laziness thing. When all the smart, informed comics fans were like, Chris Claremont’s scripting on the Dark Phoenix saga is so being outstripped by Byrne’s powerful linework, I was all like, when I grow up I’m going to be Kitty Pryde’s boyfriend. That was the end of that conversation. I’m just ignorant that way.

But I’m starting to think I really like Grant Morrison. I just read Final Crisis #1, Final Crisis being a DC mini-series about, I don’t know, some new crisis or other that’s shaking the foundations of the multiverse or something.

The setup is that a couple of Green Lanterns get summoned to a crime scene, some superbeing’s corpse that turned up in a dumpster. Morrison plays it noir — the Lanterns jaw at each other like beat cops. The crime is a 1011: deicide. The victim: Orion, the soldier god of New Genesis. “A-number one, cosmic hard-ass.”

The guy from the head office back on Oa weighs in: “Seal the crime scene out to the planet’s Lagrange point. No one must enter or leave the gravity well.”

Sure, I’ll keep reading that.